Smart Heeler

The Smart Heeler
RopeSmart Heeler
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MSRP: $389.00
UPC: 711583675935
  • Smart Heeler 
  • Multiple locking leg angles 
  • Adjust height for easy, medium or hard training
  • Base handle for easy carrying - assembles in seconds
  • Hip ring frees the rope from lock grabbing
  • 42 Pounds

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Steven Daniels, 11/15/2018

The smart heeler, An excellent product by Ropesmart. Keeps your roping fundamentals Great and deliveries sharp in every scenario with the different positions it has to offer. Easy to load up an travel with to stay in tuned between runs or before.

Reviewed by Wesley Thorp, 11/14/2018

The Smart Heeler is a great tool to use to get repetition on your heel loops throughout the day. There are multiple adjustments and angle on the dummy that simulate different scenarios that you may come across in your run. On top of it being a great every day tool, it's easily portable to take with you in your travels.

Reviewed by Justyn, 11/09/2018

I love the way you can move the legs into different positions to practice different shots. really makes me push my tip through and set my bottom strand

Reviewed by Brit Ellerman, 10/31/2018

The Smart Heeler is another great RopeSmart product to help heelers of any level continue to get better. It allows you to change the difficulty and positioning of the legs making it the most versatile and portable ground heeling dummy on the market. We use one every day.

Reviewed by Mercer, 05/05/2018

It’s really good it help me with placing my bottom strand

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