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Challenge yourself to rope more correctly and consistently. Cheat yourself no more. The Switch allows for adjustments and options making it perfect for every level of roper. Invest your time practicing on the most realistic training systems - from ground to horseback.


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The patent pending Switch is the first pulled Roping Sled to emulate a steer going through the corner. The proper entry into the corner, is the most important part of acquiring perfect position, and pulling off consistent heel shots. For Headers the variation in head height, angles and horn lengths bring so much more to the game, than the typical "free throw shot" that others offer. Visual guides help a header gain perfect position every time whether training a horse or roper. The removable blocker rods for either end force a level of correctness that is normally only seen in the top ropers.

- NOW with the SWITCH horse back atv sled, Taking everything from the ground work, to horse work, to the winners circle!

Please note: If you are using a promo code with this item and receive any error message, please give us a call at 866-814-5917 and we will be more than happy to help you resolve the issue. - RopeSmart Team




The RopeSmart SWITCH will begin shipping to pre-order customer first. Estimated shipping time frame for the Switch sled first quarter of 2016.

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Buy The SWITCH - RopeSmart Sled and get RopeSmart Steer Roping Dummy - The Smart ONE, Short GO - LED Light Dummy on Wheels at an additional 15% off our everyday low price.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Justin Deaton, 07/15/2018

With so many different sleds and machines out there it is hard to decide which to go with. I have roped several other brands over the years and the Switch by far has the most realistic action and body movements on the market. The different leg settings and adjustable head makes for a more realistic Roping experience. I would recommend it over all others on the market.

Reviewed by Agustus Ponce, 04/21/2018

I wasn’t sure what sled to go with just because there is so many options. I chose the Ropesmart Switch because of the versatility. Being able to switch difficulty levels was the decision maker I could not be more pleased with my purchase!

Reviewed by Jared Belk, 05/04/2017

Love our switch! By far one of the best sleds on the market in my opinion. Sure it may look different but that's not always bad! It's made a world of difference in challenging myself to improve my roping. I was too back by the pole at first but what I love most is that this thing CAN'T be cheated with the pole in. It really makes you work on your roping and that's what pays off in the long run! Looking forward to the day I get a ground dummy. Nothing else on the market has this kind of versatility and variety of ways to improve your roping & even horsemanship alike.

Reviewed by Chris, 04/12/2017

I bought this sled about 5 months ago and I've been very happy with this product. I like the fact that for headers you can switch up the head positions which is something you don't get on other brands. I've used this sled to help train one of my young horses and have also had a lot of fun heeling this thing. I've become more consistent with my heeling since I started roping this sled. It's well made and I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for a sled.

Reviewed by Gifford Jauregui, 08/27/2016

The new switch is like a roping school in my backyard, I bought it last winter, and started running my 3yr old gelding with it, and after countless hours of making my kids drag it in the back pasture, I took my horse that has never been roped on and me who has never entered a jackpot, and we won the local novice division, and I can actually hanging in there with some of the local big dogs in our area. I've roped the heal o matic, and the smarty, and neither do as well at training you how to throw your head loop. If your a beginner start with this, you will see a difference in your game I know I did

Reviewed by Jesse, 06/16/2016

I have roped every sled on the market currently. The "Switch" is by far the best one made to date. With adjustments on both the head and heels of the dummy it can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. The feet swinging out to the side and the two point hitch system give the "Switch" a very realistic look. It is certainly a machine that will find holes in your roping and help you to correct them.

Reviewed by Tim S., Arizona, 01/07/2016

Love our new "SWITCH" roping sled. The design is such that it will not allow you to cheat on either end! We roped it a few times right after we got it and have definitely improved and best of all its carried over to live cattle. Five stars on this one John!!!

Reviewed by Ron R., 12/29/2015

Awesome sled! Does everything and built right. Like the head lowers to make it tough, tips right and left , but comes up to make it easier for beginners too. The legs are the most real thing I have ever seen. The other machines try to replicate a corner but this thing is awesome,, and will really challenge a person. My timing, horse position, and delivery has go so much better. Recommend it to everyone. and it doesnt eat! lol

Reviewed by Ty M, 12/29/2015

I had purchased a Smarty several months ago, after roping the rope smart Switch, wish I hadn’t. I liked that the Smarty has the stationary legs which I liked but it was way to easy to rope from every position. Head and heeling. Don’t like the head at all, and when pulled off to use on the ground so unrealisticly high. The Switch is very challenging but also has settings for beginners. Love the way the head can be set up, middle or down like a ducker. It can be set, tip right or left. I really thought I would be hitting the heeling position post when in, but I very seldom did, and when I did I was actually letting my horse duck in early. On the heading post I always thought it was a gimmick, but I have got to where I can rope it consistently now and can reach further than I ever dreamed. Goning to start looking for a head horse to start heading again. Overall best machine I have ever roped. Not the easiest but I truly have improved and that’s what matters.

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